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Three (My career is heavy on my soul)

A video of a Canadian journalist held captive in Pakistan surfaced on the Internet yesterday, and she is seen saying her captors would "probably" kill her by the end of the month if their demands aren't met.

Okay! I know I'm at Disney right now and I should be out there exploring and hanging out with my friends and whatever. But I also can't deny myself from checking up on the world's happenings. Just because I'm in the land of happiness and candy, doesn't mean that I have to live under a rock and be woefully unaware of my surroundings. Unlike some people in my class.

Besides this is a story I have been following since November and while I tried to push it out of my head after reading the article, I just can't. I have to comment about this. In truth, in deep down honesty, this article, this story, scares me. I know what I want to do with my life. I want to take photographs- and I don't mean the artsy-fartsy ones that Mary Anne does (not that there is anything wrong with those, per se, but I want to do something of value). I know that my chosen career can take me dangerous places, like the Middle East. We all know (or at least we should) how dangerous the Middle East is for woman and who says I won't be send out there on a story? Who says in 10 years that won't be me? Who says that I won't be facing death in the fact while my government (okay, so this story? This woman is Canadian but who says that my government will give a damn? Seriousy?) does nothing. That woman could die. I could die doing what I love.

Does that mean I shouldn't for it? Dad encourages me because he knows how much I love photography. He know how much it would mean to be a photojournalist but has he really thought about what it means? I won't be taking photos of parades forever. I may be assigned to the crime beat or, if everything works out, to politics. It can be dangerous. Maybe not like "I'm a soldier" dangerous but still. Does that mean I don't want my career? No. I do. More than anything. Just food for thought, I guess.