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Six (Who Am I?)

I’m opinionated. I am unafraid of telling people what I think. I never thought of this as a bad thing. Being smart is something that should be respected. Having an opinion and not being content to live under a rock should be respected. Even if these opinions are against what the popular opinion is. To be able to back up said thoughts should be a respected thing. But they aren’t. I don’t feel like they are. It feels like lately that everyone is annoyed with me. No one wants to talk to me. No one wants to listen. No one wants to hear the other side of the story. I never got to write that trial article because no one would talk to me. I guess when I get in the real world then my reputation now won’t matter so much. I will get those stories. I will get those shoots. I really should focus on that. I should focus on my future. I still need to take the SATs and start visiting schools. I need to perfect my art so I can be this wonderful photojournalist. Then people like Woody won’t matter.

Maybe I need to work on my people skills. How do I get people to accept me? To listen to me? How do I change who I am? And really, do I even want to?