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Birthday Girl

It was my birthday yesterday. I'm offically 18 and an adult. I can offically vote, which I plan to do the next election comes along.

I spent my birthday with my family. Mom made a cake and Megan come down. She came down with a bunch of laundry and spend most of the night doing that but that's besides the point. Megan started asking me where I was applying to college and want I want to study. She's pushing me towards UConn and was telling me how awesome it was. Sometimes my sister and I are so radically different. She may be majoring in partying, I want to major in something worthwhile.

After my thing this summer with "being nice to people," now I just really want to get out of Stoneybrook and start living. I want to become that famous photojournalist now. I want to get a start on life and being eighteen now makes me feel like I have the license to do it.

Well, in the meantime, I just keep pushing to be the best that I can be and expect the best from others around me.